Why We Picked a Realtor Instead of a Real Estate Agent

11 Jun

When I was a child I never thought I would grow up, get married and be working a career I really enjoyed and be buying a house of my dreams. We did not win the lottery or get an inheritance. We did not come from privilege either. My wife and I worked hard to earn every penny we had. We did have an attitude of investing since we had part time jobs in high school, and now it was paying off. We were looking at various Denver Realtors who deal in luxury properties to find us the home of our dreams.

We wanted a pool, and liberal use of granite and hard woods filled our thoughts as we considered our new home. Our floor plan had to include four bedrooms. We have two young children we adopted, and we have relatives and friends who visit during the holidays and in the summer. Now no one would have to double up or sleep on the couch or an air mattress. We have always wanted a pool, but we wanted it to be under an enclosure. It gets cold here in Colorado in the winter, and extending the swimming season is easier when you have a heated pool that is enclosed. This also brings me to another want we had when it came to our new home. It had to have an indoor spa tub room and a very big fireplace. Fortunately, due to the location and the fact that these are a staple of ski lodges, it is not hard to find these house amenities in the Denver, Colorado area.

We went with a Realtor rather than just a regular real estate agent. Realtors are a separate class of agent that sells real estate. It is a title that is earned. Our Realtor took the time to learn what we truly wanted in a home, and he set out to find exactly what we were looking for so as to not waste our time looking at properties that did not fit our criteria. We had experienced that a lot with other agents. Now we were looking at properties that fit the bill so to speak.

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