Why I Had to Make My Own Check Stubs Online

31 Mar

Pay stubs are not legal documents, but so many places treat them as such. Not everyone gets a pay stub or check stub as they are also called. You probably will need them to get things such as a phone line at your house or to get anything that involves credit or loans. I work for myself and pay my own taxes. I am not great at separating out money into separate accounts, but I do keep track of how much I earn each week after expenses. In order to satisfy a request, I used a check stub maker I found online to create very realistic looking check stubs. When I presented them as evidence of my income, they were accepted without question.

The information was accurate, but was just presented in the format you see on pay stubs you get from regular employers. I was not going to go out and buy expensive accounting software just to make a month of check stubs to make some bureaucrat happy. Most places I do business with ask to see my federal tax form and Schedule C as proof of income. Some places cannot wrap their heads around the idea that not everyone works for a regular hourly wage. Some of us are self-employed, and their paperwork limitations hinder us. It is the same for my address. We have to use a PO box for mail because there are no mail personnel who deliver it to your house. Some places tell me I cannot have that as an official address.

I don’t have the time to argue the point with every other business and entity I interact with. I just find creative ways to satisfy whatever paperwork needs they want with real numbers taken from other official documents. If anything was ever questioned, I have the income proof on my tax return.

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