Wedding Entertainment for All Ages

12 Feb

When my boyfriend proposed to me, we both agreed that we did not want a long engagement. We are very traditional, and we wanted to be husband and wife sooner rather than later. We planned the wedding for the summer months, which gave us just over half a year to plan everything. There are a lot of kids in our family, so we did not want the traditional wedding and reception that most wedding days consist of. I did a search for entertainment hire so I could find a company that hires out the different things that we were looking for.

I wanted to have a live band for the adults, but I also wanted plenty of entertainment for the younger guests who would be there. We knew of the 200 people coming to the wedding, at least 75 of them were kids, and we wanted them to have a lot of fun there too. I was really happy when I came across one entertainment company that was able to provide everything we needed for the kids. The best part is that though we were initially looking at things for the kids, we both knew that even the adult guests would enjoy what is there.

We ended up getting magicians who would entertain the guests depending on their ages. We also had a comedian for the older folks and a band for everyone. There was a person there to do face painting for the kids, and we had another artist who was able to create keepsake pieces of art for everyone who was there. It was such a great time that I know when other members of our families get married in the future, they are going to use this same company to provide entertainment for both the kids and the adults who attend!

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