We Hire a Cleaning Company After the Twins Came Along

04 Feb

Our free time slowly diminished as life progressed. We worked extra hours to pay off our mortgage faster. Then, when the twins came along, free time evaporated on the day my wife delivered them. She had to take on a ton of extra work the same day she got home from the hospital. I did too. She had some time off from work, but her days were filled taking care of the kids. I called about regular cleaning services in Singapore to take away those extra chores from her long list of things needing done. I took up the slack as much as I could while still working 12 hours a day.

When she was fully recovered from giving birth and was back to her job, the work at home and with the kids had a routine but was still hard to get done. We kept the regular cleaning services in Singapore that we hired. We added more work for them to do. Without their help, it would have been too much to contend with. It was money well spent getting them to take care of tedious chores around the house. We were glad to have staff from the cleaning agency that we could trust. After all, we had two newborn twins we were now responsible for, and we wanted to be extra careful of who we let into our home.

You know that cleaning people pretty much have access to everything in your house, so you want them to be decent people you can trust. That is why we were very careful about which cleaning service we hired to do the work at our home. Plus, we wanted the cleaning to be done very well. We appreciate the staff that works at our house. I don’t know what we would do without them.

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