The Four Steps to Painting My Living Room

05 Apr

When I decided to change the decor of my living room, I decided to have it repainted as well. I could have done this myself, but I honestly did not want to devote the time or energy to such a large project. I also knew that while I am okay with painting, that a professional would make it look so much better too. That is why I started a search for a quality painter in Bergen County NJ, and it really did not take me very long at all to find the one I decided to use.

One thing that really impressed me with this company was their four step process when it comes to transforming any room with a paint job. The first step is preparation, and that involves getting furniture and decor away from the walls. The heavier pieces are put in the center of the room and covered so there is no chance they will be damaged by paint. The smaller pieces are removed from the room altogether. Then, they place a tarp over the floor, just to make sure that no paint gets dripped on it.

After that, the next step is a quality check. I would not have even thought to do this. It is where they make sure there are no blemishes on the wall. They will fill in tiny holes and cracks and even use caulking if it will help the walls look better. Painting is the third step, and it is actually more involved than just running a paint roller up and down a wall. They clean the walls, then they prime them before painting. After that is done, they clean everything so there is not even a single paint speck to show that they were there. Even better, the finished job looks spectacular!

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