The Fall Near the End of Summer

15 Sep

I often procrastinate, and when I do, I can usually still get tasks done without any negative repercussions. This changed when I decided to wait on getting rid of the English Ivy on one of my trees. The Ivy grew up the tree over the years and I would always ignore it when I did my yard work. When it rains, the tree becomes heavier because of the water collecting on the Ivy. This caused one of the branches of the tree to break, falling on the roof of my house. Roof replacement in Brooklyn NY was needed to fix the damage from the branch.

I was lucky that only the branch fell from the tree. The entire tree could have fallen on my home and it would have destroyed a good portion of it. I could have even been crushed under the tree if it fell on my house. Just the thought of a situation like that was enough to motivate me to go outside and get rid of the English Ivy once and for all. I cut the Ivy at the base and put some weed killer on the exposed stems. The cut was to prevent the Ivy from getting water and nutrients from the ground, causing the part on the tree to die off. The weed killer seeps into the stem and kills the roots, preventing any new growth.

As for the roof, the repair workers handled that without any problems. The next time it rains, the English Ivy should be dead and dried out. The rain water won’t be able to collect in the Ivy and the tree won’t become heavy. I guess there is the possibility of one of my neighbors trees having limbs break off in a storm, but they probably won’t fall on my roof.

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