Painting with My Son Each Day

22 Feb

My son and I were watching a show about painting while in our condo at Parc Esta, and my son thought it would be great if we could paint our own picture. I agreed, so I ordered some art supplies online. Once they arrived, we watched the video again so that we could follow along and make our own painting. The artist in the video had been making paintings for many years, and everything he did seemed like it was nothing to him, but for us, it wasn’t so simple. We had to stop and pause the video so that we could catch up.

Sometimes my son and I made mistakes while we were painting the picture, and had to either wipe away the paint, or paint over the parts that we messed up. It’s a good thing that we were using acrylic paint. While the paint does dry faster than an oil paint, the fact that you can just paint over anything is a good quality. I can get my painting just right by using any number of paint applications and I can take all day if I want.

After my son and I finished the painting, we looked at it. Although it wasn’t as good as the one that the artist had made, it was still pretty nice, and we were proud of it. We had so much fun that day that we wanted to do it again, so we loaded another video and started painting again. We got pretty messy that day from painting pictures back to back, so we had to wash the paint from our hands and clothes. I wouldn’t mind painting every day with my son, and i think we can get better at it if we do it enough times. We could even sell the paintings.

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