Our First Home Closed Today

08 Jul

I was so excited last night that I hardly slept, we closed on our first house today and we are so excited. I kept on thinking that I was not going to find a home that was going to be a place where I wanted to retire. I already raised my children and they are in college so I went down to a Realtor after I did a click here online to get her information. I found out the address of where she was located and thought that she would be the person that would be able to help me find a home. I was looking for someone to help me sell my home and also help me find a home. I wanted someone that was a little bit older, that would be able to relate to me and my situation. I believe that there are a lot of people that can help one another, if they just listen to what they need.

Too often, when I worked with someone who I wanted to consider hiring to sell our home, I knew that they may have ulterior motives and I wanted to make sure that I knew this person well. My home is worth a lot of money and I know when I told people that I wanted to sell a lot of Realtors ended up contacting me. I guess many people got the word out that I was going to sell my house and many people knew it was going to get them a nice percentage of commission. I am tired of hearing about how much Realtors make, they earn every dollar when they do a good job. I know it is worth it when the signatures are done at the closing, what a great day we had moving in.

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