Nice Place to Stay During Home Renovation

30 May

Finding while searching for a place to stay during the extensive home renovations was a godsend. When we decided to redo several rooms in our house, we didn’t think we would soon be trying to find an apartment to stay in for a few months. It took about three days of all the construction people tromping through the house and making noise before we knew we needed to find a place to stay until the work was done. Considering they’re talking about the job taking three months, we needed an apartment to move into very quickly.

I thought the big problem would be finding a nice apartment complex that would allow us to rent for just a few months. Some of the places I checked into didn’t seem enthused about doing a short term lease. I had visions of us living in our car for three months before finding the aforementioned website. Right there on the page it said they welcomed short term renters. We called and made an appointment to see what the units look like. It took about thirty minutes to realize this place is perfect for us. Such beautiful apartments in a safe area.

Even better are the various amenities. They actually have a 24 hour emergency maintenance service. That’s incredible to me because I remember my years of apartment living back in the day and getting someone to come to your apartment to fix anything was like pulling teeth. At this place, they take their tenants seriously and want your stay to be as pleasant and pain free as possible. My wife and are actually excited to move in for three months. We figure it will feel sort of like a long term vacation. We don’t have to worry about the problems associated with running our home. What could be better?

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