Needed Some Help Around the House

27 Nov

I needed a part time cleaner in Singapore to help around the house. I recently went to the doctor and found out that I needed a surgery that would have me laid up around the home for a couple of months. Keeping up the chores would be next to impossible, but obviously I couldn’t just let everything go. A friend offered to come over and help with meals, which I greatly appreciated, but I wasn’t going to ask her to pick up. I thought that would be a bit too much. Therefore I looked online for a part time cleaner.

I found a lot of good companies, but I also found a lot of bad reviews. Many companies will quickly accept the job, it seems, but then fail to deliver once they actually arrive to clean your home. I wanted to avoid this sort of over-promising so I spent a lot of time closely looking at what people said about the company. I didn’t want to pay someone who would do half of the job and arrive with a surly attitude to boot. The company I eventually went with seemed really good. I looked forward to seeing their work.

The first time they came in, the home wasn’t all that messy. They had everything picked up quite quickly and did what I thought was a pretty good job. They were friendly people as well. Over the next couple of months, they arrived on time and in good spirits and didn’t waste any time getting to work. They stayed out of my way as well, which I appreciated. They actually did such a good job that I’m giving serious thought to keeping them on once I get back on my feet. I sort of like the idea of not having to clean up after myself anymore!

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