My Floors Need to Be Kept Nice and Clean Now

09 Jan

As someone who has been lucky enough to never have any health issues that are severe previously, it was quite frightening to have trouble breathing a few weeks ago. In a panic, I called my doctor, who had me come in that day to be seen. I learned that I had asthma. He told me I will need to clean my carpets and make other changes around my house. He suggested I go to to see what they can offer me because that is who he used to use when he had carpeting in his house in the past.

My physician could see how worried I was after he gave me my diagnosis. He said that asthma is very common, and that as long as I keep my inhaler with me at all times, I’ll be fine. I wanted to know why I need to clean my carpets and he said that carpeting needs to be cleaned much more often than most people do it. He said that not doing so can cause allergies for many people, and for people like me, it can aggravate my breathing problems. He said that keeping it clean will drastically cut down on any possible future issues.

I learned from the cleaning company that they use gentle cleaners that get the job done, but will not give me any breathing problems. They also said that when they are done, the floor will dry quickly. I told them of my medical issue, and although they said they were booked for the next three days, they were going to send someone over first thing the very next morning to accommodate me. I found that to be a really nice gesture. True to their word, the cleaning employees showed up first thing in the morning. My carpets look new again, and that in itself is comforting.

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