Moving to San Antonio Was a Scary Move for Our Family of Four

05 Jul

We have two kids and were moving across the country to live in an apartment in Texas. It was a scary time to say the least. We were giving up a home in the state were my wife and I grew up, taking the kids away from their school and friends, and starting all over in a state that several of our home states could fit in. The thing that made it easier was finding a great apartment to live in. You can click here to see pictures and floorplans at their website. We got a really nice three-bedroom apartment in San Antonio, Texas that even has a study and a patio.

Off from the kitchen is a laundry room for a washer and dryer. That is an amenity that is fantastic for apartment dwellers. No laundry rooms or laundromats to deal with. You have your very own washer and dryer to use. We moved because of my job and an opportunity for more money and a secured work contract. My wife gave up her job as a teacher to move to Texas, but she likes her new teaching job here a lot more. It worked out well for us in the work area of our lives, and the kids settled in surprisingly well and quite fast. They came home from school and actually said it was nicer all around than where they used to go.

It was great to be making more money, and the apartment played a big part in us liking our new home state. A big pool and a poolside barbecue station made our down time easy to enjoy as a family. We are big on swimming, and this pool is much bigger than the backyard pool we had at our rental house. Plus, this is Texas, so swimming can be year round now.

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