Moving to My First Apartment Community

13 Apr

I was checking my email the other day and noticed an interesting email from my parents. They sent me the link to an apartment community that’s located near our current home. I think they were trying to give me a subtle hint that it’s time for me to move out on my own. I opened the email, and it told me to click here for more information, so I did. When I landed on the site, as immediately greeted by large, lively images of people who were having fun in their homes. The people looked really excited, and it made me excited about the possibility of having my own place. I decided to explore the site a little more.

Before I get back, I called my mom into my room. Asked her why she sent me the email, and if she really wanted me to move out. She told me that I was welcome to stay in their home as long as I wished, but she wanted me to be able to experience life on my own eventually. She said that she recommended the apartment that she did because she had her really great things about it, and because it’s close enough to home that she can come visit me anytime. I gave her huge hug and we decided to look at the website together.

One of the things that impressed me about this place is that they have a fitness space for residents. I love to work out, so seeing that they had a special room to accommodate me made me very happy. Right now, I use the fitness equipment in my parents’ garage, so it will be really nice to have some updated equipment to work out with. I may even be able to make some new friends and find some new workout buddies in my new apartment.

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