Learning to Play the SEO Game

23 Jun

There’s more to having a website than just making it. I learned this the hard way when I made my first one without the help of Algorhythm SEO. I made the website to host some games that I made for sale. They were small games that you could probably finish in a day or two, but I felt they would be a hit with customers at the right price point. I didn’t have any devkits for consoles, and I wasn’t on any PC store fronts, so this had to do. I was barely getting any game sales because no one knew that my website existed.

I tried to get the word out about my website as much as I could. I told my friends about and told them to tell their friends about it. I sent emails to gaming publications, hoping that one of them would try to review my games. None of these worked and I was stumped. I got an idea about using SEO because I remembered hearing on the news that some companies use SEO to get better rankings in search engines. I figured if it could work for those companies, then it could probably work for me.

I contacted the SEO company and asked them to help bring more attention to my website. In a week, I watched the number of people coming to my website rise. I searched for gaming websites on a search engine and my website came up in the top 20 results, which was quite an improvement from not being even in the top 100. I had some of my customers tell me how much they liked some of the games and wanted to have sequels made, especially for mobile platforms so they could play the games on the go. I don’t know much about mobile development, but I’ll learn if people will buy the games.

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