Learning About New Types of Music

23 Aug

I have been slowly expanding my music collection into new areas, trying to learn about international music and see what suits my taste. Of course this started out when I was working on an independent movie that was directed by a guy from the southern part of India. He was listening to some stuff called baixar mp3 on the internet. I was curious and we talked about it for a little while. He was trying to explain to me what they were talking about, apparently it was some sort of Indian metaphor about rain, which you will probably understand if you have seen many Bollywood movies. I have seen a number of them myself, although they make them over there the way that we make popcorn. The market for movies is ridiculously large over there and of course you have not one audience like we have in the USA, but a couple of dozen of them. They have perhaps 25 to 30 major languages in India and of course many of those are so widely spoken that you can support a movie industry with the population that speaks that language.

I could not even come close to naming all of the languages which are spoken over there. I know a couple of them, obviously the big ones are Hindi, Tamil and English. At least those are the ones that I know about. There are a lot of others, but I am not the one to talk about them. I just know that they exist and that they make movies in a lot of languages. I have sort of made a small amount of my career by being able to deal with the people who make these movies, although only because I understand the variety of English which is spoken in South Asia.

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