Just Started My off Season Workouts

14 Mar

This friend of mine was supposed to work out with me to get ready for football season, but instead he has hired a personal trainer in Denver or at least his father has. Of course he is looking to get a college scholarship, and so am I. However it is obvious that he is not as close to that as I am. For starters I am able to get on the field and I have been for the whole time I have been in high school. At first they would put me in on special teams, which really is not the safest way to make the team. However I always liked it, I suppose the danger of all those bodies flying around gets me excited. At any rate I have been playing on both sides of the ball ever since I was a freshman. I would be the fifth receiver and the extra defensive back at first. I did not play too much, but it was enough to learn the game.

This year they have not really decided what I am going to do, but either way there seems like I have some opportunity to make it to the next level. I may be the starter at wide out or at cornerback, or I may play on both sides of the ball. A lot of it has to do with what sort of condition I show up in. I want to be at peak fitness so that I can do both. I figure that is going to impress the college scouts. You give them a lot of stuff to look at and then they will think you could help them out in a lot of places. Of course I am going to be returning punts too, since they can not find anyone else to do it.

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