I Was Surprised when a Local Appliance Repair Company in Sacramento Was Able to Fix Our Antique Refrigerator

11 Jan

I bought a really old refrigerator for use in cabins we are renovating to have a period look. I had the refrigerator completely disassembled and put back together with a modern compressor that would take new refrigerant. It was working fine, but there was a problem with the temperature setting. I had this refrigerator rebuilt out of state. I called a local place that does appliance repair in Sacramento to come out and take a look at it to see if the could fix it.

Well, the technician was really surprised to see it, and he was not worried about working on it at all. He said that after all his years of fixing appliances, the fancy coverings over the inner components does not mean much. A refrigerator is just a basic appliance that pumps a refrigerant through pipes to pull heat out of the insulated box of the inside. It does not bring cold into the fridge as much as it carries heat away. I never knew that. I thought that the refrigerant just made cold. I probably am not explaining that really well, but I was just happy the tech did not mind working on this old beauty.

The refrigerator had its system on top. You probably have seen refrigerators like it in old movies. Ours was adapted so that it would not lock closed like the old ones. That is a safety issues nowadays. The lock looked to function normally, but you could just press against the door from the inside to open it. The compressor was different, and all the tubing and wiring was replaced, but the cabinet, dials and shelving were all original. It was painted in that brilliant appliance white color. The tech was able to fix the malfunctioning thermostat, because the rebuilder actually used a modern equivalent that he had a replacement for on his work van. Now that antique fridge is cooling food in one of our rental cabins.

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