I Should Have Moved a Lot Sooner

14 Jun

I had been renting a house from an older gentleman for nearly three years. I really liked the area, and I loved the charming little house. It was situated on a corner lot, and I did not have to take care of the lawn or any other maintenance. When he passed away unexpectedly, his son told me that he was going to sell the house. I definitely did not want to buy it because I had no idea if I would even be in the same area a year from now. Click here for website about great apartments, said my friend at work when I told her about it.

She showed me where on her computer, and then everything just kind of happened really fast from that point on. She had directed me to the Country Shores website, which is only a couple of miles from where I work. I hadn’t even thought about an apartment, but she told me that was basically what I had been living in in a way, since I did not have to take care of anything on my own. That made sense, and I decided that apartment living would not be that much different for me.

Once I saw the apartments, I knew that I wanted to live there. Not only is it in a serene environment, but the rooms are much bigger than what I had in my rented house. I also liked that I would pay a couple hundred dollars less per month. The real kicker though is that I am allowed to have pets here, whereas I was not allowed at my rented house. I thought that I really did like my house, but I am finding out that I was missing out on a lot by not living here at Country Shores a lot sooner.

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