I No Longer Hide My Smile

08 Jun

I used to hate my smile, but now I love it. I give all the credit for that to the Aurora cosmetic dentist that I started visiting last summer. I hated that when my friends and I took pictures, everyone had a bright smile but me. No one could really see my smile because I would just not show it. I would even laugh with my mouth closed. Now it is not like my teeth were super ugly or anything, but they paled in comparison to my friends, who all had movie star smiles.

I decided to see a new dentist who might be able to help me with this issue last year. I had been seeing the same dentist for years, and there was just the very basic care and attention given. I knew that I deserved better, which is why I finally asked my best friend where she goes for her dental work. I know she was blessed with good genes, but I also knew that it had to be more than just that. No one has teeth that looks that perfect, at least to my knowledge. She was very open about the work she had done, and also told me the name of the dentist that she had gone to for it.

You may think it odd that I didn’t know this since we are best friends, but I was always too embarrassed to bring it up in the past. I went to her dentist very excited, knowing that I was taking the first step in feeling better about myself. He did an exam, then he gave me several options. I ended up going with porcelain veneers along with getting my teeth whitened, and I feel so much better now. I smile more, and I feel great. It’s amazing how different a bit of dental work has me feeling.

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