I Met a Girl Today

02 Jul

I spent this morning out on Tampa Bay, this friend of mine took me out on his Bayliner and we went to this place. He tried to swear me to secrecy, because he thinks that this place is a big secret. Of course a lot of other anglers were out there on their boats. He picked me up at the marina, but when we finished we went over to his place. He has an apartment at this place called the Lodge at Hidden River and they have a place for him to keep his boat.. If you click here you can check out the web page and see why I was thinking about talking to the manager about a vacancy. The pool is really nice, or really it has a really nice patio around it and you would be hard pressed not to stare at some of the girls who were laying beside the pool in the sun. We went there to see these two girls, which was a surprise to me.

It was not a double date exactly, but it was obvious that he and his girlfriend were trying to set me up with the other girl. I got the idea real quick, she was in the middle of a really messy divorce and they thought that I was the cure for her malaise. I certainly was not opposed to the idea, but obviously they were trying to be subtle about it and I did not really act like a pouncing predator. It did not seem like the thing to do. I was really surprised when she took the filet knife and cleaned the fish that we had caught. We had about twice as much as we needed and Jake gave some of them away. He said he had plenty in his freezer.

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