I Love the Easy Access to Golf Courses

15 Jun

Finding a link to click here for website led me to a beautiful apartment complex with luxury living accommodations that I still to this day can’t believe I found through a single online click. At the time I was looking for a new place to live because I had recently retired and didn’t want to continue living in a large house. My kids grew up years ago and moved on to other things, but they liked that I stayed in the house they grew up[ in because then they could visit with their kids. That’s ok, but it meant I had to keep paying for the house.

I became more interested in moving into an apartment for several reasons. First, I thought it would be nice to find a great place to live so I would have more interaction with various people. I’ve never been close to the neighbors here and really craved starting some relationships with other people my own age. Second, I wanted a place where I didn’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or doing fix it up chores around the house. Third, I’m getting old and I thought it was time to downsize to a smaller space.

Really though the best thing I loved about my new living space is that it is so close to so many golf courses. I’m an old guy so of course I love playing golf, and when I’m not playing golf I love to hang out the courses watching other people play golf. It is a passion. This apartment complex is smack dab in the middle of numerous courses, which means I don’t have to drive as far as I did before. I can practically walk to one of the courses thanks to this great location. It’s just been perfect for me.

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