I Learned So Much from This Man

11 Apr

I signed up with Physics tuition long after I quit my job. I enjoy my retirement, but wished to get back into studying topics I loved in college but never had the time to learn more about due to my demanding job in the financial sector. I recall with great fondness my love for science, especially Physics. I had some great instructors who could really teach the topic. I think that matters almost as much as just having a natural affinity for the topic. I wanted to learn more about the topic, but just reading through text books didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

I wanted to find a great instructor who could really light the fire. At my age, that meant finding a tutor who was willing to teach to an old man. Could I find such a person? I turned to the internet and did a lot of research and found an excellent tutor who usually teaches much younger people. These are young students who need help to pass important examinations in order to fulfill their dreams. Of course I had no exams to pass and I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t want to waste time on someone who didn’t really need to be sitting in that classroom.

I needn’t have worried. He has such a love of the topic that he doesn’t care who shows up to learn about it. I quickly realized that I was sitting a room with someone who not only understood the topic, but had a great love of teaching. His love for Physics shone through. Everyone in that tutoring session came away with a lot of knowledge on the topic. I know I did. If only I’d had teachers like this when I was in school! I would have placed at the top of my class.

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