I Just Got Down to Greenville

03 Jul

I have been really happy with my new job and I guess that they like me enough to give me a pretty nice raise, but the only problem is that they want me to relocate down to Greenville, SC. I have been working on the move for about a week, I have already found a pretty nice apartment in Simpsonville SC that is quite close to the new location. In fact the new place where I am going to work does not quite exist just yet. Right now it is a pile of construction equipment and a concrete pad where they are about to put up the building. It is going to be about three weeks before they finish it, so I am going to be working out of my car for a little while. Of course I am going to need a little help, but I can not say that I am really thrilled at who they gave me for a boss.

The woman is not mean or anything, but she is not very nice and she is really uptight. She is definitely not a very happy person and I do not know why. At any rate the truth is that we are both so busy that it is around the clock right now. She has a hotel right off of Interstate 85, much like every other thing in this part of the state. We are using it as a temporary office along with the business center that they have at the hotel. She needs to staff up and do all sorts of things, so she has me doing as much as she trusts me to do. That does not seem to be that much in reality, she is one of those people that likes to control every single detail.

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