I Hurt My Neck Wrestling with the Kids

12 Jan

I fell over backwards from the arm of our couch. I rolled completely backwards doing a reverse somersault twisting my neck before I then hit the floor. The kids and I were wrestling, and they thought it was funny. I felt like I broke my neck! It hurt really bad, and I ended up going to the ER. A scan did not reveal any damage other than some bruising from stretching the muscles really hard. I did not break anything. However, I ended up going to a Campbell chiropractor because my neck hurt for weeks afterwards. I could feel funny sensations on my head and neck too. The chiropractor suspected that I pinched or otherwise seriously irritated some nerves coming out of my spine when I did my unintended acrobatic maneuver.

After a couple of adjustments and some heat and massage therapy, the pain began to subside. I also noticed that the strange tingling and other sensations I was having went away as well. Nothing was improving my discomfort before I went to the Campbell chiropractor. I feel a whole lot better now. I am not back to how it was before my impromptu backflip off the couch, but I am close. My neck still does not feel right. This is how it goes with back and neck injuries. Not everything shows up on imaging. Sure, there are some amazing machines out there to see inside the human body, but they cannot see every little detail.

All that I know is that my neck was hurting for weeks after the incident, and I only began to get relief the moment I went to see a Campbell chiropractor. I started to feel better from the first visit. I could actually sleep without waking up with neck pain. That was a huge improvement by itself.

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