I Have to Get Back to Doing Nice Things for Myself

17 Nov

The past year has been so tough for me. I found out that my daughter-in-law, who did the books for my company was taking money out of the business accounts for herself. I feel like I have been through so much. Now that the situation is somewhat behind me, I wanted to find a Holland nail salon for a little bit of pampering. I have not taken care of myself over the past year, and I really felt that I needed to do something about it for my mental health.

I love going to different places to get pampered. I particularly like nail salons where other spa-like services are offered. That said, getting a manicure and a pedicure by themselves is nice. I love to go and stand in front of all the rows of nail polishes on the wall to pick out the colors that I want the employee to use on me. Often, the employee will chat about things going on in their life or will ask me questions, and it’s just nice to be able to talk out loud about different things with someone and learn about them as well, too.

I let my nails go over this past year, and they were a mess. I was so upset about the situation with my daughter in law that my mind we filled with thoughts about how to deal with it. Separately, it took about a month and a half to really comb through all of the office books to look at every deposit and withdrawal made from my accounts. It took so much time. So, it felt really nice to be pampered at my nail appointment. After I walked out with great looking nails, I found myself smiling and looking at the bright-colored polish on my fingers and toes often. I realized then that I need to start making a habit of getting it done again.

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