I Have a Very Interesting Neighbor

23 May

Of course my old neighbors used to think that I was a drug dealer, because they never saw me go to work in the morning and it is not a cheap place for a man to live. In fact I work on my computer writing software. I got to know her when a tree fell across her driveway. Obviously I was a lot more willing to help her since she is about 24 years old and she looks like a swimsuit model. Eventually she told me about the girlfriend experience in Utah county, which was her specialty. I would have been afraid to have asked her what it would have cost, but she told me it was quite fine if I wanted to go on with the pursuit I was involved. The smile that she gave was delightful. She asked if this bothered me and said that there was no point in keeping it a secret. In fact I thought about it and figured that it was hardly my business. I was chasing her though and I wondered if she thought I had a chance, because I had not really liked my chances before.

At any rate I soon learned that she had a degree in mathematics and she was not terribly far away from getting a minor in computer science. This was obviously my opening, because she told me that she was sure that she could not go on doing what she doing when she was too old to pass for a girlfriend. At any rate I began to show her what I was working on and let her do some of the less difficult stuff just so that she could gain experience and I told her which courses she needed to take online in order to become a real programmer like me.

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