I Got a Place Near the Fire Station

02 Jul

I am pretty happy right now. I am working at Fire Station 37, they let me drive the big trucks and I have a good job. This guy I work with and I are sharing a place within walking distance of the station straight down Vance Johnson. It is a pretty nice place, with a little fireplace and all of the amenities. This is the website if you care. I love the fact that they have a couple of nice swimming pools and of course it is a really good idea to be within walking distance of the bar that you are drinking at. It is a short walk to this nice sports bar and of course that is best if you want to go on driving the fire truck. They definitely are not keen on DUI’s when they let you handle a huge piece of very expensive machinery. I do not know exactly what it costs, but it is a lot and they do not trust you easily with the thing.

In fact the guy had no trouble at all convincing me to move in with him. He took me to the swimming pool on a Saturday and there were girls all over the place. It was hot as the devil, just like it always is in San Antonio. So the only way to be outside is to get wet and there were probably a couple dozen girls out there. Some of them were too young and a lot of them were married, but that was not that big of a deal. At any rate I have already met about a half dozen girls that live here, just from hanging out by the pool. I got cooler and I get a six pack of Pearl or Lone Star when I want to go out and swim.

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