I Feel Really Good Now

16 Nov

When I moved to Singapore, I knew that the culture was going to be quite different than what I was used to in Canada, which is where I was born and raised. I had a great opportunity in Singapore though, and I knew I was going to invest the next several years of my life there. I found a condo quickly, and then I started the process of finding other things like stores to shop at and transportation needs. A new friend suggested that I find a Singapore TCM clinic as well.

I have to be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about when he told me that. When he explained that it is Traditional Chinese Medicine, it really did not do much to explain it further. In Canada, I went to a primary doctor whenever I was ill or needed a regular checkup. He told me that TCM is what a lot of people in Singapore use for their healthcare needs. I figured everyone around me looked healthy, so I went ahead and found a clinic close to my condo that I could use whenever I needed healthcare.

I made my first appointment about three months after moving to Singapore. I was finally all settled in, and I just wanted to establish a healthcare routine. I figured it is better to get started before I need it rather than during an emergency. My first appointment really opened my eyes about TCM, and I liked the overall approach of it. I even started acupuncture, which has really made me feel so much better on a daily basis. I like taking care of myself this way, and I am going to maintain it even if I leave Singapore in a few years. I just have not felt this good in a long time!

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