How to Be the Perfect Tenant when You Are Leaving

12 Apr

No one wants to move into a dirty apartment or condo. I have moved a few times over the years going back to the time I was a kid moving with my parents. I remember Mom spending days cleaning a new place before we would move in. This is why any time I move out of a place I call a company that does moving out cleaning for Singapore to come and clean my place for the next tenant. It gets me my security deposit back, and it is just the right thing to do. I do it because my version of clean might not be the next person’s version of what clean is.

I also hire them to clean a place I am moving into if the last tenant there did not have the place professionally cleaned. When a landlord or property manager does it, the results are often mixed. I like a cleaning crew that cleans the place from top to bottom including the walls and the carpeting. My last landlord sent me a letter and a gift card to a restaurant for having the place cleaned like it was. He said he did not have to do anything before the next tenant moved in, and the new tenant remarked how nothing was even slightly dirty or smelly.

This is how you should leave a place when you move out. Leave a place a little better than it was when you moved in. I am a painter, so I repainted the bedroom and living room of one place before moving out. It only cost me some paint and a little time. I also hired the people that do moving out cleaning for Singapore to come in and make the rest of the place shine. I leave a letter telling the next tenant how the place was professionally cleaned and how I wish them well.

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