How My Language Translating Wife Practices a New Language

15 Jan

I have never enjoyed subtitles in movies. I can tolerate it, but I do prefer to watch ones in the one and only language that I speak. However, I have a wife who is able to speak a few languages. She enjoys foreign movies. She turns on the subtitles so I can watch too. Ones I cannot stand at all are movies that have been dubbed in my language. The jokes about the foreign martial arts movies from the 1970s that had the dubbing out of sync with the acting are classic. I have, however, been enjoying Korean movies with my wife lately.

She is practicing translating for her job. She is adding Korean to her resume. In translating you need to be able to hear someone speak something and quickly tell the person listening in their own language. If you are really good, you do not need the speaker to pause while you translate. You just do it on the fly. That is why I have been enjoying the Korean movies. She will translate what each actor is saying as it is being said. It can get comical at times, especially when she starts acting out the scenes with her translations.

I have no idea how she can keep up with them. I have a hard enough time following dialog when it is in my own language. She is listening to it in real time and translating it back into English for me. I must say that I do have a new respect for her job. She will often translate what a group of people are saying when foreign nationals are having meetings with English business people. Plus, adding another language to a skill set of three she has already seems like an impossible task. I applaud her efforts, and I am actually learning a lot about what Korean people like in their movies and acting.

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