Hats off to the Developers

18 Nov

I’m a man that likes to wear hats. From simple caps to fancy hats, I’ve worn them all. Usually when I buy a hat, I have to measure my head to make sure that the hat will fit me. I do this with a tape measure, and it’s simple enough, but I know not everyone has this, and they don’t always remember the measurement. I contacted a team that does mobile application development in Singapore, because I wanted to have an app made that would help people measure their heads for use with buying hats.

In order to do head measurements without a tape measure, the app would take a picture of the person’s head and figure out how big it was by using some calculations and taking into account things like distance of the phone and size of the picture. The app had to be tested multiple times by the development team to make sure that it would give an accurate measurement of a person’s head each time a picture was taken. It also had to take into account hair, because some people have thick hair that will be worn under the hat.

When the app was finally completed and put on the app store, people started using it in great numbers. I made the app free for everyone to download, but it had some ads that would direct people to clothing stores where hats were sold if they tapped on them. I thought this was a great way to gain some revenue, and also for people to put the app to use, because once they measured their heads, they would be able to order the right hat for them from the website of their choice. I see a lot more people wearing hats these days, and I like to think that I played a part in that.

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