Finding My Own Place with an Apartment

10 Mar

My husband and I had separated briefly because I could no longer handle our living conditions. We had moved in with his parents after our wedding because the deal on our house had fallen through. It was supposed to be temporary, but that turned into two years. I was miserable and knew I had to leave if it meant saving my sanity. I looked at some apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio because I just wanted to be on my own again, and that is when my husband finally came around.

He did not realize that living with his parents was going to be such a hardship on me, and he asked me if we could look at apartments together. I was upset that it took me leaving to get him to this point, but I was also thrilled that he was at this point. I showed him the apartments at Regency at Outlook Canyon, and he really liked everything he saw too. He did tell me that I should look at two bedroom apartments though instead of one bedrooms, because he was also agreeing with me on something else now too.

I have wanted a family of my own for so long, including children, but he wanted to wait. He wanted us to get a two bedroom though so we could be a family of three instead of a family of two. The excitement from looking at a two bedroom apartment was contagious, and we were both so giddy and happy. We did end up getting a two bedroom unit, and we filled the second one not even a year later. We are even getting along better with his parents now that we are on our own, and this was just the best move all around. I love it here, and the only reason I will now move is if we need to go to a three bedroom unit!

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