Chiropractor in Mesa for Work Related Injuries

12 Jan

My husband was injured at work last month and is now on disability. After weeks of physical therapy, his back is still giving him lots of problems. His physical therapist suggested that he should contact a chiropractor in Mesa. We did some research and found one that will take on workers’ compensation patients. Now we just have to wait for his first appointment which is in six days.

My husband is a very impatient person and was getting kind of cranky as the days seemed to drag on before his first appointment. He was in so much pain and it was unbearable for me to watch. I did everything I could to make him comfortable during all of this. Our children and I waited on him hand and foot. We knew we were spoiling him but felt like he deserved being spoiled by us. He was so appreciative of everything we were doing for him. It was a blow to his ego that he wasn’t able to perform everyday tasks around the house. We all chipped in and got the jobs done.

Finally, the day of his appointment arrived. I drove him to the chiropractor in Mesa and patiently waited as he was being seen. It broke my heart as I sat in the waiting room to see how many people are suffering from back problems. They ranged in age from teenagers to senior citizens in their golden years. It made me grateful for my good health. When you think about it, whatever is going on with you personally, it could always be worse. My husband emerged from the back office in less than an hour. He had a look of peace and tranquility on his face. He told me he felt so much better and was looking forward to his next appointment.

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