A Pinched Nerve Can Be Very Painful

11 Jan

I have heard people complain of a pinched nerve before, but I never really gave it much thought because I had never felt the pain or discomfort associated with it. That changed last year though when I had almost unbearable pain in my neck when I moved it certain ways. I tried a heating pad, ice compresses, sleeping with a new pillow, over the counter pain pills, and more, but nothing took that pain away. The only thing left for me to do was find a San Jose chiropractor that would be able to see me soon.

I was able to make an appointment with Stevens Creek Chiropractic for the following day. I had no idea what to expect as I had never been to this kind of doctor before. I kept an open mind though because the pain was really bad. After some testing and an examination, the chiropractor told me I had a pinched nerve. I had no idea what that even meant, so he explained that some of my vertebra had shifted so they were not aligned properly. Instead, they were pinching the nerves that are between them, which was the cause of all my pain.

He assured me that he would be able to get my vertebrae back into alignment without the need for surgery, which I was really relieved. That was my first fear, and I had blurted it out without even giving him time to explain everything to me. It took a few trips to get everything the way it should be, and I learned quite a bit about my body during those visits. I knew that I needed to treat myself better, because I am only given this one body for my entire life. That was the beginning of even more changes for me, and I am so glad that my chiropractor is now a vital part of my health team.

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