A New Nail Salon for Me

26 Nov

I was looking for a Holland nail salon. I had recently moved into the area, and finding a salon to do my nails was actually at the top of my life, even before finding a new doctor and dentist. I was not due to have a checkup with either of those for several months, but it is rare when I go more than two weeks without a manicure. I have to look very professional with my job, and having manicured nails is just one way to ensure that I look as good as I possibly can every day.

Even beyond my job, I like looking my very best. I used to do my nails on my own, but I was hooked on professional manicures as soon as I had my first one. They have the proper tools to make sure my nails are healthy and in great shape. It is more than just clipping a nail. There is actually a lot more to it than that. I also like the different designs that they can do on my acrylic nails. I usually have a very conservative design because of my work, but there are times where I will celebrate different holidays with my nails.

For Christmas every year, I always get festive with my nails. Since I go at least every two weeks, I can usually get two or three different designs for this holiday. For other days, such as the day where the world recognizes the hunger problem so many experience, I commemorate it with a nail design customized for it. It is just one way for me to stay true to who I am. I was able to find the best nail salon, even better than the one that I used to go to where I lived before, and I never thought that was possible.

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