A Crazy and Wet Morning Turned Upside Down by the Emergency Plumber in Hudson County

07 Jul

Last week I had quite an interesting experience while showering. I was in the middle of a nice warm shower when I noticed that something was off with the water pressure. Because of it, I decided to turn the water off. Right there, I realized something was definetly wrong: the water was not turning off. I kept trying twisting and turning the shower knob with no results. Socking wet I run out of the shower and looked up right away on my phone ‘emergency plumber in hudson county nj‘.

Luckily I found a number I could call right away and still in my towel I decided to call. While the phone was ringing, the water had gone everywhere in the bathroom, leaving a pool of water on the floor. Fortunatly, the plumming company answered quicly and sent a professional plumber to help me. Jonathan, the plumber, was on his way in few minutes, just enought time for me to try again to turn the water off, even with some tools I had in the kitchen, with no results. I even tried calling some of the nightbors to come and help as the whole apartment started getting wet, but again, with little results, as nobody was home.

Jonathan arrived very quickly, and I could show him the problem right away. He was professional and well prepared, and he managed to turn the water off in no time. Apparently, somwthing was indeed wrong with the water pressure and pipes, which made it really hard for me to turn the shower knob. Jonathan, together with his tools, managed to turn it and fix the issue. He assured me that the issue should not occure again. Once the plumber left, after saving the day, I spent some time drying the floor and laughing about the past events. What a day – I thought. From a warm shower to a crazy adventure running aroung the street in my towel, thankfully the amazing emergency plumber in Hudson county nj was there to turn my nightmare into a good laugh and wet floor.

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