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Cool in the Shoe Store

09 May

Things have been a little bit odd lately in my shoe store. I needed to have a company perform an HVAC repair in the Bronx because the air conditioner stopped working on a hot day, one of my employees caught someone trying to sneak a pair of shoes out of the store in his pants, and another customer came in with a fake pair of shoes that he tried to exchange for a refund. I guess out of all of these events, the air conditioner repair was the most normal thing to happen, but it was still a bit unexpected.

All things considered, the air conditioner problem was only a mild annoyance compared to the other things, because it didn’t take that long to fix. All I had to do was find the right company to handle the repairs and give them a call. I looked online to find a company with a good reputation, which didn’t take long, and made arrangements for them to come to my shoe store. They were in and out in just half an hour to repair the air conditioner. A part that stopped working was taken out and replaced with a new one and it was as good as new.

As for the shoplifter and the scammer, I had to take special actions to deal with them. I had to call the authorities on them to make sure that they didn’t get away with it. I hate to be the kind of person that sends people to jail, and I don’t know what kind of circumstances could lead to someone being in a situation where they would want to pull a fast one over on a store, but I can’t let something like that slide in my shoe store. There are rules for a reason.

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