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Our Son Needed Tutored in Physics

15 Jan

When my husband suggested that we find a physics tutor for our son, I was not sure that was the right answer. He did need some help but I did not think that he was so far behind that he needed specialized one on one help. My husband told me that we did not have to get a private tutor for him though. He explained that there are tutors that teach a small group, and I did agree that might be a better fit for him. He told me about the jc physics tuition, and I went online to get more information on it.

While my husband would have the final say in it, he always respects my opinion, knowing that I will only choose something that is beneficial for our family. I looked into several different group tutoring options, and the one at Bukit Timah does seem like the best one of the group. Read the rest of this entry »

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